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Questions and Answers About Troop 555


Tell me about Troop 555! 

You’ll learn a lot about camping and living comfortably in the outdoors in our Troop by actually doing those things out in the woods. Our Troop always does self-reliant camping all year round. You’ll learn to be a proficient camper and woodsman by actual experience. Our Scoutmaster and Assistants are there in case you need help, but the program and all the activities involved with camping are accomplished by the Scouts themselves. The Troop is made up of Patrols; each Patrol has five to eight Scouts. The Patrols operate as independent units as much as possible. Each Patrol elects a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader who will lead the Patrol. The Troop elects a Senior Patrol Leader who oversees the patrols and runs the meetings. These are all important leadership qualities that the program develops with the boy’s active participation.  

What about Adult Leadership? 

As a member of Troop 555 you;ll benefit from our experienced adult leadership. The Scoutmaster and Assistants work together to bring all their knowledge of camping and leading the boys to make good decisions. The leaders uphold the principles of scouting. 

What role do parents play? 

Although direct parental participation is not required, assistance from parents who are willing to serve on the committee, provide transportation to scouting activities or serve at a special function is greatly appreciated. Continued adult participation “behind the scenes” is the backbone of a successful Troop. More important, however, is the support of the son by the parents in his Scouting life.  

When are the meetings?  

Troop meeting are held most Mondays at Timberland Bible Church on St. Rd. 23 in Granger, from 7:00 – 8:45 PM.. Generally, there is no meeting after a campout or major event held on a weekend. A published calendar for each year is made available to scout to refer to.  

Troop meetings are a vital part of the Scouting program. Each Troop meeting evolves around a specific topic covering preparation for a major activity such as a first aid camp-out, canoe trip or Klondike. Necessary information is relayed to the boys at these meeting; it is expected for scouts to attend regularly. Also, since the success of an activity often relies on preparation from the patrols, meetings are vital to the program. The scouts are expected to notify their patrol leaders if they are going to miss a meeting or activity and take the initiative to obtain missed information from him. A member whose attendance drops off or becomes a concern to the patrol’s success, are subject to a possible Board of Review.   

Who decides what we will do at the meetings? 

The Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) plans the Troop annual program, campout programs, and Troop meeting objectives. The PLC is made up of the Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, and the Senior Patrol Leader. The program, which is subsequently developed by them, is one of the most aggressive scouting programs in the area and thus provides the boys with excellent, wee-rounded learning opportunities.  

I hear that Troop 555 camps a lot! Why? 

The Scoutmaster and his Assistants are charged with the task of training by leaders and seeing that a good Scouting program is implemented. Troop 555 operates a solid, year-round outdoor and camping program. The founder of Scouting used camping as the vehicle with which to attain the goals of Scouting i.e., character building, citizenship, physical and mental fitness, and leadership. No other activity has proven better to achieve these goals. Troop leaders spend a good deal of time in training research in order to be able to guide the troop toward the purist intent of scouting.  

How much does it cost? Do I need to buy a tent? 

The basic one time fee for joining the Troop is $45.00. This includes: a Scout handbook, neckerchief, patches for the uniform, and a class “B” T-shirt. Future annual registration fee renewals are paid by the Troop through weekly dues ($1). There is a fee due for each campout that the scout brings to the meeting prior to that weekend which covers the cost of food and cracker barrel. This is set at $12.00. All major equipment is furnished by the Troop (tents, axes, lanterns, cooking equipment, eating utensils etc.) 

Sounds great! I want to join! What do I do now? 

Contact Scoutmaster Gene Dylewski at 1-574-220-9493 to arrange a visit to one of our Troop meetings with no obligation. We will have you sit in with a Patrol and see what Scouting is all about.